How to choose the right size?

Le guide des tailles ne prend en compte que la longueur du pied pour faire au plus simple alors que vos pieds sont en 3D.

If in doubt, we can help you choose the right size by contacting us by email or by phone and asking you the appropriate questions.

The following measurement helps in most cases to choose the right size.

Positioning your foot well

Standing. Place your strong (= longest) socked foot against a wall on a sheet of cardboard.

Make sure to keep your heel pressed against the wall and your foot flat on the paper.

Measure your foot with, preferably, the socks you will be wearing in your shoes.

Avoid measuring your foot at the end of the day as this is when it is most swollen.

Draw the line on the sheet

Draw a line in front of the end of the big toe as shown in the diagram.

Make sure that the heel is stuck to the wall and that there are no folds in the sheet that could affect the measurement.

Measuring the length of the foot

Measure the distance in cm between the edge of the sheet and the line (round up to the nearest millimeter).

With the help of the table as it appears on each product sheet, you will be able to determine your precise size in the different models offered.