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environmental commitments

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To limit waste and the environmental impact of your shoes we have a second life service or can recycle your pair of shoes.

Eco-friendly materials

Joseph Malinge shoes are made with eco-friendly materials, and nontoxic products are used during the production.

100% Made in France

Local manufacturing and the traceability of our products are values which have been promoted by our family business for 4 generations.

Our services

The shoe-making industry has a heavy environmental impact due to the use of numerous chemicals and toxic products, further adding to global carbon emissions.

As such, our brand Joseph Malinge has remained committed, across 4 generations, to guaranteeing customer satisfaction and comfort as well as to reducing our environmental impact by the choice of materials and production techniques. Each pair of shoes is produced using processes and materials that are both respectful to, and non-harmful to the environment.

To reduce the environmental impact of your shoes, our company offers a repair service to increase the lifespan of our products: changing the sole and heel or maintaining the leather. Alternatively, we can recycle your shoes.

Quality of 100% French manufacturing Joseph Malinge luxury shoes for men

Recyclable materials

We carefully source our materials through French suppliers to produce our shoes.

The leather is directly selected in tanneries and we only use vegetable-based dyes (for example tanning using chickpeas) and mineral-based dyes for the upper.

Oak, Chestnut, or Acacia barks are used to naturally tan the leather soles.

For other models, we use recycled rubber or a mix of organic materials such as plants, mushrooms, etc.

Our models

Our main commitment is to guarantee local manufacturing and product traceability.

All the steps in making the shoes, from pattern cutting to the final touches, are all performed in our workshop. This guarantees a complete product traceability on our production line.

Sole cutting for the models of the Joseph Malinge luxury shoe collection
The benefits of local manufacturing

The benefits of local manufacturing

Our company has defended local manufacturing for four generations.

hus, on our small scale we aim at reducing the environmental impact of global warming due to international transport. For this, our brand Joseph Malinge chooses materials coming from France. Having fewer intermediaries allows us to create a relationship of proximity and trust with our suppliers.

By shopping locally, you contribute to the development of a local economy and the sustainability of French businesses. This also allows our company to stay closer to you.