Travel through 130 years of history
of a family-owned artisanal business

Since 1889,
4 generations have succeeded each other


The beginning

Born in 1859, our great-grand father was trained at a clog makerís in the Cholet region. This region is particularly renowned for its textile and shoemaking industries.
Falling in love with the clog makerís daughter, Joseph Malinge ultimately married her.

In 1889, he took over the workshop. This was the start of a passionate vocation.

To produce his clogs, he hand-picked trees in the forests in order to ensure the highest quality wood. fter carefully choosing them, he would hollow out and carve the wood until he made the perfect space for a foot to slide into.


From clogs, to shoes

He passed on his craftmanship secrets to his son, Joseph, which after time specialized in shoe repairing and handmade shoe making.

Gaining recognition in the region for the finish and great fit of his shoes, he started to sell his creations at markets and through retailers.

1924 joseph malinge
Histoire Joseph Malinge 1924
1954 joseph malinge
1954 joseph malinge


A new era, High End Luxury Shoes

Trained by an artisan renowned for his custom-made boots, Joseph Malinge became the 3rd generation of shoemakers.

He took over the family business in 1954 and specialized in custom-made mens shoes.


Tradition, at the heart of modernity and innovation

The company « Chaussures Cuir Michigan » was created in 1986 at Chanteloup-des-Bois.

When only 24 years old, Joseph and his twin sister Chantal took over the family workshop in the Cholet region, with its traditional craftmanship, heritage and know-how.

Representing the 4th generation of Joseph Malinge Shoes, the models are today naturally commercialised under that name.

1986 joseph malinge
1986 joseph malinge

100% French manufacturing

following many steps

Exceptional shoes

signed Joseph Malinge

Quality, comfort and transparency

respecting our environment