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Together, we can design the unisex shoes of tomorrow

Fabrication 100% Made in France

Choose French quality

Qualité française des chaussures de luxe Joseph Malinge

To guarantee the best quality shoe, Joseph Malinge is committed to sourcing and manufacturing entirely in France.

Each shoe is the result of traditional artisanal know how, made in France, a pioneering country for luxury and fashion.

A unique know-how in the French manufacture of your leather shoes Joseph Malinge

All manufacturing processes in one workshop

in the heart of the Cholet region at La Tourlandry

Every step of our traditional shoe-making process is performed at our workshop.

Our motivation is to share our expertise and rich history, and to offer you various possibilities.

Material traceability

Choosing exceptional materials

Shop locally to guarantee quality and authenticity, with Joseph Malinge you know how and where your shoes have been made.

Joseph Malinge is committed to perpetuating the family heritage. The choice of suppliers is essential to guaranteeing quality.

Discover the source and origin of the materials we use.

Paraboot Vibram soles for Joseph Malinge
All kinds of premium leather used in the manufacture of your Joseph Malinge luxury shoes

Our great French tanneries

Four tanneries thus emerged:

Our leather comes from four tanneries, known for the quality of their calfskins which are resistant, soft and with a unique grain.

Joseph Malinge discovered those tanneries by touring France with his father while looking for the perfect skins.

Our transparency

Origins of materials

Puy tannery in Chadrac (43)

Annonay tannery in Annonay (07)

Degermann tannery, in Barr (67)

Carriat tannery, in Espelette (64)

Tecniform, in Cholet (49)

Depot of Keck chimie, in Cholet (49)

Darrigol and Gagnez, in Paris (75)

Société Choletais de Fabrication, in Andrezé (49)

Leather soles

Leather soles and leather heels are produced in our workshop of La Toulandry (49)

Rubber soles

Sacred Bertoise de Caoutchouc, in Bert (03) ;

Lactae hevea de Reltex, located in Virieu-Sur-Bourbre (38). Renowned for being flexible and long-lasting they are recyclable ;

We also use Vibram soles which are made in Albizzate in Italy ;

For trainers, Margom in Civitanova Marche in Italy.

Creams, dyes and waxes are from the brand Saphir, owned by Avel in Magnac-Lavalette-Villars (16).

Maintenance of your leather shoe manufacturing machines Joseph Malinge

Exceptional machines

who seem to have passed through the ages

The creation of our luxury shoes requires the use of traditional machines with specific adjustments. Those machines are now so rare that Joseph Malinge cannot source similar ones.

Ensuring the correct maintenance of those machines is critical to the production.

Machine repairs are executed in house, by our team. At times, Joseph Malinge requires the technical help of Regor Creations (49) and Brin (49).

Quality and comfort

Quality shoes and unparalleled comfort

Thanks to a meticulous manufacturing processes, Joseph Malinge luxury shoes offer the best for your feet: unparalleled comfort, flexibility, and robustness.
We respect the needs of your feet and your arch.


for an incomparable lifespan

Thanks to the high quality of materials used, our shoes have an incomparable lifespan if correctly maintained.

The materials come from the best tanneries and are manufactured into shoes using rare machines and expert hands.

They are lined with calfskin to isolate the adverse effects of the weather. The assembly techniques are also essential elements for a long-lasting shoe. Stitched shoes will be more resistant under intense usage.

Resistance of Joseph Malinge shoes over time thanks to ancestral French know-how


Comfort for your well being

The rubber soles and leathers are shock absorbers that can absorb up to 50% of the shocks linked to the movement of your feet.
They not only help to reduce body fatigue; they also help to insulate the feet from hot or cold temperatures.

Comfort of Joseph Malinge shoes thanks to Vibram rubber soles

The center of gravity of the human body is the ideal heel height for a good posture. If the spinal column is straight the brain receives the proper amount of oxygen.

To feel well in the head it is necessary to first feel good in your shoes. That is why Joseph Malinge shoes are neither too flat nor too high to ensure and respect your foot arch and a real daily comfort.

The leather quality

Leather has become a medical treatment

With Joseph Malinge shoes, you avoid overheating and transpiration because full grain leather is an excellent absorbant. The leather evacuates the transpiration and dries when the shoes are not worn.

An issue with closed shoes is that water and humidity provoke mold and then fungus for man,

evacuation this transpiration has become our priority.

One should also remember that feet are the energy of the body. Therefore, if their environment is unhealthy, they feel uncomfortable and you may experience back problems. In order to avoid this, chose shoes that are healthy and respectful to the balance of your spinal column.

Joseph Malinge leather with medical property

Respecting our environment

Ecologically minded, environmentally friendly, respecting our planet

Sustainability starts with our consumption.
With Joseph Malinge luxury shoes, you will be eco-friendly in all of your moves.

Joseph Malinge shoes made in France, respectful of the environment

Bio-degradable shoes

Vegetable tanning that is less polluting and better for your health

Vegetable tanning is a slow process. Less polluting and better for the health, it is composed of natural substances and is not allergenic. This type of tanning consists in transforming the skin into leather using natural substances found in tree bark, roots, wood, fruits, and leaves.

On the other hand, tanning with chrome uses a chemical process that is dangerous for the environment. Fortunately, there are still some rare French tanneries using vegetable tanning for their production.

Lactae Hevea soles

natural and eco-responsible

The milk from the rubber tree, from tropical plantations, is harvest by hand.
In order to obtain a 100% natural sole, the latex is poured directly into molds in France, by Lactae Hevea : unequalled comfort.

After 25 years of exploitation, the tree is old enough to be cut. In order to avoid deforestation, a new tree is replanted each time and none of them come from the forest.

The rubber milk harvest is beneficial for the wellbeing the tree in question. Because when the end of the branch dies, a second branch begins a new cycle.

Lactae Hevea for the manufacture of your insoles for luxury shoes Joseph Malinge

Vibram soles

that respect the environment

Ecostep soles form the Vibram brand, are composed of recycled rubber and are produced by recycling material that has been chosen with care.

Recycling your shoes

Give your shoes a second life

To avoid waste and limit the consequences of consumption on the environment, we suggest that you give your shoes a second life or recover them in order to recycle them.

The shoe-making industry has a heavy environmental impact due to the use of numerous chemicals and toxic products, further adding to global carbon emissions.

As such, our brand Joseph Malinge has remained committed, across 4 generations, to guaranteeing customer satisfaction and comfort as well as to reducing our environmental impact by the choice of materials and production techniques. Each pair of shoes is produced using processes and materials that are both respectful to, and non-harmful to the environment.

To reduce the environmental impact of your shoes, our company offers a repair service to increase the lifespan of our products: changing the sole and heel or maintaining the leather. Alternatively, we can recycle your shoes.

4 generations have succeeded each other

A know-how transmitted from father to son

100% French manufacturing

following many steps

Exceptional shoes

signed Joseph Malinge