Size guide

In order to keep things simple, our size guide only takes into consideration the length of your feet.

In case of doubt, we can help you in choosing the right size, please contact us by email or phone and we will answer any queries.

The following method is usually quite accurate to find your correct shoe size.

to help you with your measurement

1) Correctly positioning your foot

Step 1 Size taking Joseph Malinge

Stand up. Position your longest foot, socks on, against a wall and on a piece of thick paper.

Please ensure your heel is touching the wall and your foot is completely flat on the paper.

Measure your foot whilst preferably wearing the socks you would usually wear with your shoes.

Avoid measuring your foot at the end of the day as it may be slightly swollen.

2) Tracing

Step 2 Size taking Joseph Malinge

Trace a line in front of your big toe, as shown on the drawing.

Please ensure that your heel is touching the wall and the paper is flat as this may alter the measurement.

3) Measuring the length of your foot

Step 3 Size taking Joseph Malinge

Measure, in cm, the distance between the line and the end of the paper (rounded up to the highest number in millimetres).

Using the chart below (available on the product sheet), you can determine your shoe size precisely for each model.

Size comparison table