Ensure the quality of your luxury shoes

From the choice of raw materials to the finishing of the handmade shoes,
the artisan Joseph Malinge always aims for visual perfection and durability.

The perfection of noble leathers

Remarkably fine, these leathers come from the best French tanneries

Conscience of the lifespan of our menís luxury shoes, we select the highest quality skins directly from the best French tanneries. Containing very few imperfections from parasites, insects or cesarean operations, the full grain leather has an exceptional fineness.

The quality of noble leather with Joseph Malinge

Thanks to their suppleness the skins have very few marks from folds or creases and adapt to the movement of your feet, adding to stability over time.

For the creation of luxury shoes, Joseph Malinge only uses full grain leathers with their natural thickness. No sanding of the skin surface is done in order to preserve their authenticity.

Joseph Malinge shoes are first of all a selection of top-quality skins and leathers.

We are very demanding on our choice of full grain leathers: Calf aniline, suportlo, burnishable, etc.

The right choice of sole

Leather or rubber soles for your comfort

Leathers used for the soles of the shoes come from the best part of the skin: Bovine coupron. These leathers are vegetable tanned (tree bark) for 12 to 24 months in order to obtain an unequalled quality.

The brand Joseph Malinge also chooses supple, solid leathers. Water and wear (from the rubbing of the threads) resistant, these leather soles are a reference for quality.

With rubber soles Joseph Malinge shoes are truly comfortable and contribute to less problems for the back.

Quality of the leather and rubber soles of Joseph Malinge luxury shoes

The art of hand finishing

Good quality waxes are the best way to preserve shoes

According to H.Daniel, in the complete shoe-makers guide of 1900:

Hand finishing Joseph Malinge shoes made in France at La Tourlandry

Wax polished by hand, the leather is nourished, and the patina is perfect. Joseph Malinge chooses light colored, vegetable tanned, full grain leathers making it easier to add nuances of color and enhance the relief of the lines of the shoe.

With the meticulous gest of hand polishing, the leather takes on a lovely, transparent aspect. Finishing is therefore essential to the beauty and life span of the leather.

Taking care of your shoes

for an incomparable lifespan

Leather absorbs the transpiration of your feet, so it is important to change your socks daily in order for the leather to dry.

If your shoes are dampened by the rain, let them dry at room temperature and not next to a heat source (in the sun, near a heater). That way, your shoes won’t shrink, and the leather won’t crack.

To put your shoes on correctly, you should always use a shoehorn so that you don’t damage the heel support. When taking them off, we advise you toput them on shoetrees. The leather will hold its form and not deform.

You should dust your shoes off with a lightly dampened cloth before polishing. Dampening opens the pores in the leather and allows for a better penetration of the wax. Once the shoes have been lightly dampened, wait several minutes before waxing and polishing.

We advise you to use beeswax in order to nourish the leather, to protect it from inclement weather, and to make your shoes shine. Indeed, if you wax your shoes without nourishing them, the leather will be become fragile and might crack.

If your shoes need reassembling or repairing, always have the work done by a professional cobbler.

4 generations have succeeded each other

A know-how transmitted from father to son

100% French manufacturing

following many steps

Quality, comfort and transparency

respecting our environment